Phone: 615.982.6193
6917 Lenox Village Drive, Nashville, TN

About the Cowboys

The Charcoal Cowboys entered their first BBQ contest back in 2007 and that’s all it took, they were hooked. They spent the next 10 years competing on the BBQ Circuit accumulating their fair share of awards and trophies along the way.

But it was that first perfect score in the Brisket category that really took it to the next level. That perfect score lead to 3 appearances on the TV show BBQ Pitmasters where they won the Memphis Challenge and finished in the top 5 overall in Season 6. They were invited back the next year to compete in the BBQ Pitmasters All-Stars season. The perfect brisket score was subsequently followed by a perfect score in pork and then a perfect score in ribs.

At that point there was only one thing left to do, quit talking about it and do it. So the dream of opening a place where they could share this passion with the public became a reality. They are proud to be able to share their passion for BBQ with each of their customers. The Charcoal Cowboys will work hard every day to ensure that each customer will have an opportunity to be served the perfect bite.

To paraphrase the great Waylon Jennings”

“Just the good ol’ boys
Never meanin’ no harm
Beats all you ever saw …”